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    Superior Completion Services has the technology, resources and experience to deliver effective sand control and stimulation services in any downhole condition.

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    Workstrings International is the global leading oilfield equipment rental company providing quality primary Drill Strings in all API Connections and Specialty Connections,

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    Wild Well stands for safety, integrity, and competence-supplying customized solutions to pressure control and operational issues wherever, whenever they occur Wild Well offers a wide range of core operational and intervention services

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    Tianjin Pipe International Economic & Trading Corporation (TPCOINTL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tianjin Pipe (Group) Corporation (TPCO), fully responsible for global marketing and sales of TPCO products, and importation of raw materials,

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    In 1968, Hypertherm founder Dick Couch and colleague Bob Dean discovered a way to create a narrower plasma arc, capable of cutting metal more quickly and more accurately than ever before.

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    The history of Enerpac dates back to 1910, when our original company produced water pumps for the Ford’s legendary ‘Model T’ motor car. Our reputation as a technology leader began in the 1920’s when the first hydraulic jacks were introduced.

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    Dormer Pramet is the result of a merger in 2014 between rotary tooling manufacturer Dormer and indexable specialist Pramet.

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    Lakeland is the leader in quality, high-performance safety workwear, chemical protective clothing, disposable protective clothing, safety gloves, turnout gear, high visibility clothing,

Water Well Drilling & Services

First Energy Services diversify the business into water well drilling services and committed to bringing you efficient, reliable water well drilling service at...

About Us

Welcome to First Energy Service Co., Ltd

First Energy Services Co., Ltd. (FES) was established and registered at Myanmar in June, 2012.

Our business is to act as a frontier representation office/trading house to supply a comprehensive range of oil and gas related products and services to state owned enterprise and international oil and gas companies.

First Energy Services also strive to provide the best services and equipment of global market leader companies to offer the highest value to each of our client in Industrial field.

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Latest Products

power 400 SCD

First Energy Services diversify the business into water well drilling services and committed to bringing you efficient, reliable water well drilling service at affordable rates.

Power 4000 SCD for drill rig built with compressor
  • Drill up to 300M with 4" and up to 8" for waterwell.
  • Mounted compressor (500CFM / 21kg / cm3) So, thb drill rig can drill up to by itself.
  • Dual Rotary System (Max, 10") can be mounted on this drill as option.
  • Vetical, Angle Drilling Available.
  • Mast is strong so mast is more stable at rotary drilling.(tri-cone drilling
  • Available for Down The Hole, Rotary Drilling.
  • All instrument & control levels are concentrated.